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Fradulent Notice

Clarification in Public Interest:
Shiro Software Solutions Recruitment Process

It has been brought to our attention that certain unscrupulous elements are sending out false emails purporting to be from Shiro Software Solutions. The emails ask the recipient to appear for a face-to-face interview for a job opening with Shiro Software Solutions and to deposit a certain amount as a refundable interview security in a designated bank account. The emails are falsely stated to be from officials of the HR Department of Shiro Software Solutions.

Shiro Software Solutions has not sent out any such emails. Please note that Shiro Software Solutions, as a policy, does not collect any money as a pre-employment requirement. Shiro Software Solutions and its affiliate companies bear no responsibility for amounts being deposited / withdrawn therefrom in response to such emails.

These communications may carry the ID or domain name of Shiro Software Solutions (or a deceptively similar name) to make it look authentic. Shiro Software Solutions is taking appropriate steps to tackle the issue. As a vigilant jobseeker, please look out for the following pointers to identify the fraudulent emails:

  • Shiro Software Solutions does not ask for any money from the candidate at any stage of the recruitment process
  • A fraudulent email may mention the bank account number of an individual or the account details would be given upon calling up on the number mentioned in the fraudulent mail. In any case the bank account would not be in the name of "Shiro Software Solutions."
  • Shiro Software Solutions letters will address job applicants with proper salutations including the last name (not with generic greetings)
  • Please check if you receive calls from the Shiro Software Solutions registered numbers or from a private number. We advise candidates not to respond to any fraudulent emails and not to make any payments.


Shiro Software Solutions is a growing Software Development Company in Southern India at Nagercoil. Our practical, step-by-step solutions allow our clients to tackle the key issues they face in Online and Offline works. The Company was established in 2013 by a group of highly creative and competent Engineering Professionals. The services help our clients make better use of technology, improve day-to-day operations.



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