DOT NET Training in Nagercoil

DOT NET Training in Nagercoil

Learn Dot Net Training in Nagercoil at Shiro Software Solutions. Training offered by MNC Experts. Rated as Best .Net Training Institute in Nagercoil. Learn C# & ASP.Net Course with 100% Placement.

Get Trained at SHIRO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS and become a .NET GURU!

.NET Framework developed by Microsoft is an integral part for most of the primary applications running on Windows. .NET with its consistent and comprehensive programming model, created a technological revolution in recent years. Applications built using .NET has the capability to entice the user with visually stunning experiences along with faultless and secured communication system.


  • Full Practical Training which enable you to get mastered in the Language.
  • Your comfortable Timing.
  • We majorly focus on giving individual training for all the students.
  • After the training hours you can practice as much as you need,the trainers will be helping you in your practicing hours too.
  • Every student will be assisted to create their own Project at the end of the session.
Dot Net traiing in nagercoil

High Level DOT NET course syllabus


  • Introduction to .Net Framework & OOPS concepts
  • C# Programming fundamentals
  • Conditional and Iteration statements
  • Classes & objects : Introduction to classes – object creation – Methods – Constructors – Garbage Collection – Destructor – This keyword
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism in C# : Method Overriding and Method Hiding
  • Arrays : Single dimensional arrays – Rectangular arrays – Jagged arrays
  • Enumerations
  • Overloading and overriding operators
  • Structs and Namespace : Inheritance – Abstract classes and Interface – Nested classes – structs – Namespace
  • Properties and Indexes
  • Delegates and Events : Declaration and Instantiation
  • Creating Window based application : creating and using Main menu, Dialog boxes, toolbars, Status bars, combo boxes
  • File System and Streams
  • Exception handling


  • Introduction to ASP .Net
  • Namespaces
  • .Net Framework Classes
  • Web Forms And Control: Web control Class
  • Creating Web Form
  • Navigation between pages
  • Managing Server Controls
  • Server control events
  • HTML and Data Controls
  • Validation Control


  • Overview of ADO .NET
  • Connection and Command Object
  • Data Readers
  • Data sets & Adapters
  • Connecting to Database using Data Adaptor
  • Data Binding, Filtering and Sorting




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