Python Workshop

Python Workshop

As a part of our training,we also conduct workshops in colleges. The workshops will be a handson sessions conducted for 1 day or 2 day upon the flexibility of the college Management.

Who can participate in Workshops?

Anyone who has pre-registered for the workshop and has paid at least paid the registration amount for the workshop. A maximum of 100 participants are allowed during the workshop and minimum of 10 students or participants are required to get eligible for the workshop. Therefore we request the concerned authorities like colleges or schools to contact us only if they collect at least 20 students or more

Equipment Required for Workshop

In order to interact with the students we need a projector, computer, internet, speaker microphones, white board, marker and a volunteer to assist our trainer during the lecture.

Topics to be covered during the Python workshop

  • Module 01: Introduction

  • Module 02: Conditional Statements

  • Module 03: Looping

  • Module 04: Control Statements

  • Module 05: String Manipulation

  • Module 06: Lists

  • Module 07: Tuple

  • Module 08: Dictionaries

  • Module 09: Functions

  • Module 10: Modules

  • Module 11: Input-Output

  • Module 12: Exception Handling

  • Module 13: OOPs concept

  • Module 14: Regular expressions

  • Module 15: CGI

  • Module 16: Database

  • Module 17: Networking

  • Module 18: Multithreading

  • Module 19: GUI Programming

  • Module 20: Sending email

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